This Accountability Planner has been developed to assist Atlanta Communities real estate professionals in developing and maintaining a strong foundation for their business.

Whether you are newly licensed or a seasoned Agent, the business strategies covered within these pages will morph your career into something that is both purposeful and deliberate, creating a pipeline of business that will feed you for years to come!

Part Annual Planner; Part Guided Agenda,
Part Goal Tracker...

The Planner has been designed by experienced Realtors within the industry, and is intended for use specifically as a tool for fellow real estate professionals. Not only will this Planner allow you to hold yourself accountable to the goals and action steps you put in place monthly, but in a sense, as your accountability partner.

Goal Setting & Vision Planning

Although we often think of goal setting as something we do at the start of every year, the truth is that it is extremely important to work on your business goals all year long.

You should be looking at your goals multiple times each year, tracking your progress, and refining the strategies you are following in order to achieve your goals on an ongoing basis.

This TOUCH Planner provides you with a monthly goal-setting worksheet to assist you in staying on track with your business objectives. Knowing your numbers is your top responsibility as a business owner.

Download Your Financial Goal Setting Spreadsheet

Weekly Layout & Hour by Hour

Time Management Tool:

This is designed to be your accountability resource that helps you keep track of where you spend your time, also referenced as your PLAN.

Weekly Touch Focus:

This tool keeps you on track to know which communication piece you are broadcasting to your database.

Hour by Hour:

Your day is broken out into 30-minute time segments. These small windows of time allow you to plan with transparency to determine where your time is spent, and on which activities.

SOI Daily Accountability:

This reminder system helps you to organically connect with your sphere of influence through multiple communication streams.

Monthly Business Insight

The TOUCH Planner provides you with a monthly Business Insight worksheet to assist you in staying on track with your business objectives. Knowing your numbers is your top responsibility as a business owner.

Your Business Insight holds not only your yearly and vision planning goals, but also your monthly touch communications, lead generation and conversion statistics.


TOUCH Webinar - Using the TOUCH Planner

TOUCH Webinar - What is TOUCH

Implementation Wkbk Session 5 Time Management and Acct

Implementation Wkbk Session 4 Creating Your Touch System

Implementation Wkbk Session 3 Lead Generation DNA

Implementation Wkbk Session 2 I Have My Database and Now What

Implementation Wkbk Session 1 Database Development

Setting Up Your Goal Setting Worksheet

Filling Out the Business Insight Worksheet

Breaking down the Hour by Hour Worksheet

Planning to Succeed

Beginning of the month Biz Insight Start Up_Updated

Hour by Hour - 2021 Broken Down

End of Month Business Insight Breakdown

Month at a Glance 2021