As your business grows your ability to “do it all” will become impossible. 

At that point you have two choices: STOP your business from growing or hire someone to assist you. Atlanta Communities strives to provide you with every tool & vendor available to help you continue to grow your business.

Introducing ADVANTAGE ASSIST powered by Still VA, LLC.  – Special pricing & services negotiated for you and designed specifically for Atlanta Communities agents from the largest virtual assistance company in our area.

Established in 2010, Still Virtual Assistance knows how to take the administrative & marketing tasks off your plate efficiently and effectively. Complete with 4 fully operating departments: listing, contract 2 close, marketing and administrative.

Their trained assistants are ready to assist you with any part of your business you are ready to delegate.  Most agents put off hiring an assistant because they do not have the time to train. We have removed that obstacle for you.

Sure, you can hire one person and pay them per hour but the chances are they will not already know how to handle all the different parts of your business when hired.

When you hire SVA, you are essentially adding 4 departments to your business, already trained and ready to assist you at a much lower cost.

At Still Virtual Assistance their tagline is Don’t Stand STILL, MOVE your real estate business to the next level.

At Still Virtual Assistance we know that some agents do not know exactly what they need or want. That is why we create packages of services, so you the agent can have options. However, we are open to customizing your services to fit your needs based on how you prefer to run your business.
Listing Manager

We handle the repetitive tasks involved with entering a transaction – such as gathering documentation & signatures, communicating with clients, completing paperwork & marketing your listing according to your preferences for the fullest online exposure.

Marketing (LucidPress)

Create Presentations, Homebooks, Flyers and Direct mail pieces to help you build brand awareness and generate more quality leads for your business.

Update your business website, manage your Social Media and other online venues.

Transaction Coordinator

From contract to close and everything in between: we can manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your real estate transactions, coordinate offers & communications, and ensure that your deals close as quickly & easily as possible.

Administrative and Marketing are critical parts of your real estate business and hiring an experienced virtual assistant is a great way to ensure that your business run smoothly so you can spend your time lead generating and taking care of your clients.

Still Virtual Assistance has a wide variety of virtual assistants who have years of experience in supporting the real estate industry. We are ready to assist you with everything from managing your busy schedule, to posting ads and updating your listings, to keeping your crowded inbox organized so you only have to deal with the important stuff.

We know how important marketing is for your Real Estate Business. In addition to traditional methods of advertising – flyers, brochures, door hangers, mailings, etc., online marketing has become an essential in every marketing strategy today. We know it takes valuable time and effort to juggle all your social media platforms, emails, website, blogs, etc.

Utilizing a Still Virtual Marketing Assistant can handle all of these things for you! We can create posts for your social media platforms, establishing your expertise in your market and ensure that there is always engagement for your audience.

We can handle your email and drip campaigns, creating and setting up sends to ensure that you keep in constant touch with your database, updating them with the latest goings-on in your business.

We can help create targeted ads for social media or even flyers for you to print out and send.

Do you have an open house or event that you need to spread the word about? Specific listings that you would like to highlight? Do you have topics related to the Real Estate industry that you are an expert on and would like to share that expertise, thus establishing your reputation as a reliable source?

We can help you do all of that and more.

  • Prepare CMA’s
  • Enter Listing in your multiple listing service (s)
  • Choose best maximum # of photos and order appropriately
  • Turn in listing documents to your office
  • Upload documents to rdocs
  • Enhance virtual tour with Property Panorama
  • Add listing to client’s website – when it does not auto-feed
  • Schedule Agent Caravan and/or Open House
  • Order Home Warranty
  • Send seller weekly updates until home is under contract
  • Create creative remarks & captions for your listing
  • Text Agents for Feedback
  • Assign code in Voicepad
  • Assign lockbox and setup Showingtime
  • information is correct
  • Trulia: verify information is correct
  • Zillow: verify information is correct
  • Flyers
  • Youtube Videos
  • Add seller contact info to agent’s CRM
  • Send seller weekly updates until home is under contract
  • E-mail blast to all agents in a county or Association
  • Email listing to reverse prospects in Fmls
  • Type offers, send for signatures, submit to co-op agent
  • Review documents for missing documents, signatures, initials… to be in compliance with your office requirements and GREC
  • Update status in Fmls and Gamls, if you are listing agent
  • Send contract documents to your office including AC Sales Processing Sheet
  • Note all deadlines and special stipulations in the contract and send reminder sheet to Client
  • Verify pre-qualifying letter has been received and loan application has been made, appraisal ordered, etc.
  • Attempt to obtain homeowner’s association covenants and restrictions and HOA contact information
  • Oversee all contingencies and stipulations are met on a timely basis
  • Order home warranty
  • Schedule closing and coordinate and notify all parties
  • Check status with Lender and Closing Attorney and forward updates to all parties weekly
  • Confirm that all amendments are properly executed and received by the Closing Attorney
  • Send closing confirmation checklist to co-op Agent and/or Buyer (includes directions to Closing Attorney’s office and notes all necessary items at closing)
  • Notify all parties that we are the central point of contact for all details pertaining to the closing and that we are assisting the Agent, thereby freeing Agent from constant phone calls and emails
  • Set advance reminders for Client for all upcoming deadlines and ensure that deadlines are met via Agent online calendar
  • Upon request: Schedule home inspection and notify all parties
  • Provide Client with utility sheet
  • Upon request: Schedule final walk-through and notify all parties
  • Obtain copy of preliminary settlement statement and forward to Agent for their review
  • Assist agent in preparing documents that are missing upon compliance review such as buyer brokerage, listing agreement, ABA, if applicable etc…
  • Assist agent in preparing amendments throughout the contract as needed and as requested.
  • Assist agent with email request for additional docs needed or required by lender and/or attorney
  • Send documents out via Docusign, Dotloop or Fmls esign to appropriate parties for electronic signatures.
  • After Closing: Process closing paperwork and inform Agent if anything is missing and send to your office, Change status to sold in GAMLS, if you are listing agent, Fill out FMLS 118 and submit with HUD to FMLS
  • Create HomeBooks
  • Create and Order Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards
  • Create Embedded E-mail for E-mail Campaign
  • Create Flyers
  • Create Brochures
  • Create Business Cards
  • Create Marketing Presentations
  • Create Slideshows
  • Website Maintenance
  • Blog Post
  • Social Media Site setup
  • Custom Strategies
  • Branding for SM Custom Banners and Logos
  • Content Creation and Posting Services
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Highlights, Polls & Stories

& much more!

  • Add Expenses/Income to Accounting Software
  • Prepare Monthly or Quarterly Profit/Loss Statements
  • Setup and Update Spreadsheets
  • Create and Send Invoices
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Add Contact Information into CRM
  • Basic Data Entry CRM
  • Create Letter on Letterhead
  • Create Mailing List
  • Create Labels / Mail Merge
  • Organizing E-mail Inbox, Flagging Important Messages, Deleting Spam, Replying to Common Questions, Creating Labels & Archiving E-mails Handled
  • Generating Forms
  • PDF Conversions, Splitting, Merging, Editing
  • Drafting Letters & E-mails
  • Preparing Agendas For Meetings
  • Lead Follow-Up
  • Lead Organization
  • Referral Follow-Up
  • Referral Tracking
  • Lead Tracking
  • Marketing Tracking
  • Sending Cards – gifts, thank you, holidays, etc…
  • Requesting and Entering Online Reviews
  • Managing Online Calendar / Schedule
  • Booking Appointments
  • Online File Management

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you! 678-587-8455